Meet Connor Shields


Connor Shields, Client Account Representative at EnvoyFM

“It’s crazy to think that a computer is just a rock we tricked into thinking.”

Conner Shields says some pretty great things, and that’s one of them. And he’s totally right, at that.

That one statement alone says quite a bit about him.

Besides making obvious his love for computers, the quote also reveals the depth of thought which goes into what Connor is passionate about.

It is an extremely creative way of expressing his excitement when it comes to technology.

Connor enjoys building computers, but that is just one of his interests.

He also enjoys business, which is part of the reason he enjoys being at Envoy so much.

In fact, Connor was previously attending school for computer science, but switched his degree to business.

He enjoys computers a great deal, but also desires to pursue a career where he can both use his knowledge of computers, and work in a team setting, collaborating to achieve common goals.

Connor appreciates the relational aspect of working with Envoy and is fueled by the opportunity to help other people every day.

He loves coming home at the end of each day, knowing that he has helped as many people as possible.

Simply put, Connor just loves to help people. And he never puts himself above anyone else, either.

This bio started off with a Connor quote, but another one needs to be added here:

Connor also said, “Momma always said that if you’re the smartest guy in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

He is intentional about surrounding himself with people who challenge him to grow and learn, because he recognizes that there is always room to grow and learn.

Having that kind of mentality makes Connor a great team player and it’s what drives him to keep doing better, both professionally and personally.

Connor’s personality is a fun one, filled with both wit and dedication to the task at hand.

We love having Connor at Envoy.

Connor Shields: Fun. Knowledgeable. Irrationally Helpful.