Meet Jamie Piper


Jamie Piper, Sales and Marketing Manager at EnvoyFM

It only takes one conversation with Jamie Piper to see how bright and friendly she is.

If you ask Jamie about who she is and what she enjoys, it becomes all the more evident that she is a light to those around her, and a pleasure to be around.

Spending time with Jamie might mean going hiking, attending a concert, or maybe going to a GA Bulldogs football game. Whatever you do, you’ll find yourself having a great time with lots of laughter and sweet conversation.

Jamie is a mom to a little one, and she loves sharing in her daughter’s laughter as well.

She also shares a love for shoes with her daughter. Her own interest in them goes all the way back to her very first pair of shoes, which she remembers vividly.

She remembers the day as a young child, when she finally got her own pair of sparkly silver shoes. Naturally, she fell in love. Who wouldn’t?

She was so thankful for those shoes, and she lives with an attitude of thankfulness in everything, to this day.

With a personality as sweet as Jamie’s, you wouldn’t question for a second her ability to be a great friend.

But Jamie also has an interest in counseling and helping other people to grow and learn through their life experiences.

She is passionate about helping others, and her faith drives her to use her gifts and talents selflessly, for the benefit of those around her.

With an open heart and mind toward people of all different backgrounds, Jamie can be trusted to be there for those who need it, without judgement or reservation.

When asked what Jamie would change about the world if she could, she replied, “Go back to how we were as children, loving everyone we came into contact with.”

They say that if you want to see something change in the world, you should start with being the change in your own life.

Jamie does this, and she is sure to leave an impression on everyone she meets, for the better.

She also continually strives to improve, surrounding herself with people who push her to keep growing.

Through every setback and obstacle, Jamie seeks to find the joy in the situation and keep moving forward.

Jamie is truly an inspiration, and a great asset to our team at Envoy.

Jamie Piper: Joyful. Selfless. Irrationally Helpful.