Meet Justin Marino


Justin Marino, Director Of Operations at EnvoyFM

If you should find yourself lost in Envoy’s office looking for Justin Marino, just follow the sound of Drake or Andy Mineo and you will soon find the desk you’re looking for.

It’s one of the first things you’ll notice about Justin; he loves music, and all kinds of it. If you want to find out who the newest YouTube artist is, ask Justin. He can tell you.

But music is not the only thing that Justin enjoys or knows a lot about.

Justin has also been spending a lot of time doing photography and videography. He loves life and capturing the best moments of it (and he happens to be one of the few who got to capture a high-quality video of the 2017 solar eclipse – link here if you’d like to see it for yourself).

Along with some great hobbies, Justin also has some topics he is passionate about.

For instance, you won’t find a person who’s more dedicated to loving kids than Justin.

Justin volunteers with SAFFT, an organization that works to restore families and help kids who come from broken families.

He talks about this organization often and has been intentional about prioritizing it with his time. There is no doubt that Justin helps out because he loves to, and not out of obligation.

And of course, Justin also spends a great deal of time with his own family. He has three kids; two boys and one girl.

On his weekends, when he’s not volunteering, Justin is at the race track with his oldest son who races for USAC.  

His Instagram is filled with pictures of good times with his wife and kids, and it’s not at all hard to see how much he loves and cares for them.

You can also see how much fun he has with the people in his life.

Justin loves to laugh, and if you’re ever in need of a good joke or two, he can turn any conversation into a comedic exchange.

To Justin, humor is more than just a means to have fun. If you ask him what he would change about the world, he’d easily respond with “humor”.

He said, “I wish we could all just laugh more… it cures the soul! We live in a hateful world. If we all just laughed more we would be much happier.”

As much as Justin loves to laugh, he also values hard work and is serious about achieving his goals.

At one point, Justin was working full time in the Army as well as working a full 40 hours with Envoy.

He works consistently to contribute 100% of his efforts so that he can achieve his goals and see those around him enjoy the same success.

This makes him an incredible member of Team Envoy, and it’s what keeps him coming back every day.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, you won’t question for a second why it is we love having him here at Envoy.

Justin Marino: Fun. Dedicated. Irrationally Helpful.