Meet Oscar Gonzalez


Oscar Gonzalez, Client Account Representative at EnvoyFM

Oscar Gonzalez is the friend of a friend, who sounds so cool you wish he was your friend too.

Always ready with a witty response, Oscar is sure to bring a laugh or two to every conversation you have with him.

He’s also the kind of guy that makes you wish you were cool enough to drive motorcycles around and build stuff from wood, with your hands; you know, the cool stuff.

With a childhood like Oscar’s, it’s not hard to imagine how he grew up to become the guy he is today.

Just ask him about the time his daring, six-year-old self jumped off a swing, only to land face first in a pile of mulch.

If that doesn’t sound like a daredevil of a kid, ask him to tell you some more stories about his childhood – he’s likely got plenty.

As tragic as face-diving into mulch sounds, it definitely did not damper Oscar’s love for the outdoors and a good ride through the winding roads of Georgia.

You just won’t find him stopped near any rivers while the mosquitoes are out. His love for nature is limited to anything but mosquitoes. Who can blame him, right?

When Oscar is not on his bike, he’s likely spending time with friends or building something from wood, as mentioned before.

Oscar is passionate about woodworking. When asked why he loves it so much, this was his response:

“The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can make with wood. Knowing that I can make just about anything if I set my mind to it, keeps me going back in the shop.”

This kind of outlook on woodworking is the same kind of outlook that makes Oscar such a valued member on Envoy’s team.

His positive outlook and desire to achieve more are evident in both his work and in his choice of hobbies.

With plans to go through school and better himself with Envoy, Oscar is making great strides and is sure to continue in a positive direction.

You’re already wishing you were friends with him now too, aren’t you?

Oscar Gonzalez: Ambitious. Humorous. Irrationally Helpful.