The 3 Things Every Facilities Maintenance Manager Wants (and isn’t getting)


“What’s the most important thing to focus on if we want to be your favorite Facilities maintenance management company to work with?”

We ask this at every customer meeting we have. Why? Because we want to be the favorites. We want to be the most helpful. At the end of the day, we are not fixing things, we are helping people.

No matter who we ask, no matter the industry, and no matter the trade our customers manage, the same 3 things always come up.

These 3 things are so simple in concept. They aren’t secrets. They don’t require any large amount of domain knowledge. Yet most facilities maintenance management companies miss them.

Every facilities maintenance manager wants great communication.

Information is literally the number 1 reason a facilities maintenance manager hires a maintenance management company. They need help managing work orders because there are too many going on to stay on top of all of the information. Communication is how the information gets back to them. Facilities maintenance managers are tired of constantly asking their vendors for updates to get the information they need.

That’s why we tell our work order operations teams, “If our customer is asking us for an update, we are not doing our job well.”

Most contractors tend to think as long as the work is being taken care of the work, the customer ought to be happy. This is wrong. The fact is, facilities maintenance managers have a bosses they answer to. They don’t want their answer to be I don’t know.

So...Team Envoy spends the first part of every day opening up each work order and updating our customers. If we don’t have an answer right away, we flag it for follow up. We even invested significantly into setting up our software to communicate with leading CMMS software like ServiceChannel and Big Sky to reduce the amount of time it takes for our team to communicate with you. Then we can work only on the work orders that need our attention which leaves more time for us to...communicate.

Our job is to arm you with information. To give you the good news fast and the bad news faster.

Since communication is the #1 pain point between facilities maintenance managers and their contractors, we use our tech to build excellent communication into our systems and processes.

Every facilities maintenance manager wants excellent follow through.

Work order management should be simple. Receive the work order. Schedule the work order. Make the repair. Send the invoice. Still, the second most common frustration for facilities maintenance managers is that vendors take too long to get the job done.

That’s why we optimize our work order operating system to work jobs to a close and track the amount of time it takes to do complete a work order. We even have dashboards that tell our managers both their average times to get onsite and complete work orders as well as the percentage of time they meet our ambitious internal expectations.

The result is Team Envoy gets work done fast. How fast? Our average work order completion time (creation to repair made) is 2.09 days and 91% of work orders are completed within 5 days.

But, follow through is not just about getting the job done right. Let’s face it. Errors will be made. The other side of follow through is this: What do you do when you mess up?

Every facilities maintenance manager wants competitive pricing.

Let’s face it. Facilities maintenance managers are being asked to get more done with less. For most companies, maintenance and repair spend is seen as a cost center, despite the fact that it is crucial to brand protection, health, and safety...especially for restaurants.

Maintenance management companies have to add value when it comes to cost management. Team Envoy tackles this in 2 ways.

First, we manage all of our vendors by average invoice. (Our software makes this possible). Rates do not tell the whole picture. Average invoice is the real indicator.

Second, we use NTE management to make sure we get an opportunity to review the cost of every work order we manage. Our team is trained to vet and qualify pricing and scope of work to make sure we are being great stewards of the decisions our customers trust us to make.

It’s more than fixing things...

At Envoy, we care more about the person on the other side the work order, so we view our job as more than changing lightbulbs and unclogging toilets and repairing the AC. We are not fixing things. We are helping people.

We are Envoy…happy, helpful facility maintenance.

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