PRSM2015 Young Professionals

Note the age limit. :) LOL

Note the age limit. :) LOL

I love and appreciate the fact that the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association is embracing and empowering young professionals (especially because I am one of them). They even go as far as bringing in educators to help level-up our skill sets.

Today, Kimberly A. Ferguson of K-Ferg Training led a action-based discussion on gaining and maintaining respect at work.

Here are a couple highlights from the talk.

Attitude is Everything

One of our biggest strengths as young people is our energy, optimism, and willingness to look at problems from a completely different angle. We love to make positive change. 

Unfortunately, we can also be easily frustrated when our peers are seemingly unwilling to see our point of view (read: blindly agree with us).

A positive attitude in the face optimism, patience, and polite tenacity will play to our ability to be taken seriously.


I'll go ahead and admit I am one to overestimate my strengths. At the same time, I see very talented peers over overestimate their weaknesses.

Honest self-assesment is crucial to personal and professional growth. It allows you to hone in on what you are great at, and prune responsibilities or avoid the areas which do not come naturally.

More importantly, you are able to direct yourself towards education and projects that will develop you into a well rounded professional.

I find folks who are strong self-assessors are much better at relationships and team environments too.

Goal Setting

This one is huge and so often passed over. Set a goal. Create a plan. Take the first step. 

Clear goals create focus and get your and your team back on track when distraction attacks.

Next up at PRSM for team Envoy FM is the welcome reception. We are also looking forward to seeing Damond John for the opening keynote tomorrow.