Daymond John at #PRSM2015

Daymond John brought one of the best keynotes I have experienced at a PRSM conference. He was relevant to both sides of the facilities transaction. Most of all, he painted a very accurate position of what building a business looks like.

First of all, the desire to build something is in you. Most of the people I know who have started companies have been focused on selling things since the day they were kids. Raymond sold custom pencils in elementary school.

Building a business is about putting your product out there and getting feedback. It's realizing girls liked his custom pencils more and changing the product and listening to the reason LL Cool J "hates" his clothes. You have to listen to your market and respond appropriately. And appropriately means just that. Change must make sense.

The hustle is not glamorous and perception becomes reality in the market. The FUBU brand was built on 10 shirts that he would get artist to wear in videos. Then he would take it back. People just assumed his clothes were selling like crazy.

Set goals. They will focus you on what you are working to accomplish and keep you from distractions.

You have to be obsessed about what you are doing? What is driving you? If you can't answer this, you are going to have a hard time getting through the really rough spots that come with building a business from nothing.

Just keep going. You will get kicked. One minute you will feel you are at the top of your game. The next minute a brick will fall from the sky and knock you out. Get up and move again. It's the only way.

Don't lose sight of what's important. Success can come at a cost, especially when you are blinded by it.