PRSM2015: It's About Relationships

I love connecting with first time PRSM attenders each year. It is overwhelming to decide what to do.

I remember my first show I ever attended. I set my show goals. Designed our booth. Worked on my "elevator pitch," and flew out to the show optimistic about all of the new business I would land.

I confidently in my booth on the show room days, made eye contact, and waited for people to talk to me. The result? I barely accomplished anything.

I went into the event with a business focused mindset and learned an important lesson. It's about relationships.

So...I spent the next year as a volunteer on the networking committee, made friends with other members (mostly vendors), and came back the following year ready to meet my offline friends in real life (IRL as the young professionals say).

My second show was far more rewarding...and far better for business.

Each year builds on the the previous year. Access to information increases. The amount of people I stop and talk to in the halls, at dinner, in education systems, and on the floor increases.

I am able to help my customers find vendors in trades we don't cover. I am able to connect new vendors with trusted mentors and receive great advice for building their businesses.

Each year I started to see a group of other "irrationally helpful" people multiply. Our industry and the PRSM community is full of tons of really great people.

I guess what I am getting at it this. I love the people who make up our industry, and it wasn't until I focused on other people instead my business that PRSM became a valuable part of growing my business.

Finally, if you are reading this and you attend PRSM, I want you to do something. Get involved.

Just click that link above. Sign up for a committee. Write an article. Lead education. Do it to help and for no other reason. Than watch your PRSM experience dramatically improve.