Great Service and Expectations

I am not a mechanic. I know very little about cars, especially modern cars with increasingly complex electrical systems.

So…when I have issue, I generally walk into the mechanic with fear-based anxiety that I am about to be taken advantage of.

I feel locked-in and in a position of little leverage. I want to be treated fairly, but I expect to be taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, this is how most people feel about “customer service.” We believe the person on the other end is only there to be a layer between us and the solution to our problem. Their hands are tied. There is no manager to talk to, and our problem is not going away.

But what happens when what we expect, the negative, is not what happens?

What happens when we are told the truth, “It’s just a small fix,” instead of getting sold the worst case scenario?

What happens when they come back and say, “We messed up, and because of that, this one is on us?”

We end up gravitating to the companies who are more interested in the long game of customer experience. We love the way we feel when we pick up the phone to call them. We love that they check in on us, as people, not as a business.

We may even dial their number with a smile on our face because we know it’s going to be an enjoyable experience.

Great service is like this. It feels better. It’s refreshing. It’s different.