Great Facilities Managers Serve

There are 5 qualities of great facilities managers. We believe in these so much that every member of our team at Envoy Facilities Maintenance MUST embody these 5 qualities. They are literally written on our walls. They are…

  • Service
  • Action
  • Solution
  • Growth
  • Teamwork

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This quality is first because it is the most important. When service is at the core of everything you do, the rest of the qualities will fall in line. When you serve, you will take action. When you serve, you will find solutions. When you serve, you will want to grow and improve your capacity to serve. And when you serve, you will work well in a team. Service drives all of these characteristics.

But service doesn’t always come naturally because human nature is innately selfish. We tend to seek personal comfort first. We tend to serve out of a desire to appear like a good person which means we serve most when we are being watched. And, while one can learn to serve through creating a habit of service, great facilities managers have natural servant hearts.


We have a saying at Envoy, “It’s the helpful who win.” What we mean by this is that when you you help without any expectation of reciprocation, you set yourself up for success. You build positive habits. You gain influence with others. You are invited to conversations and decisions. You build trust. And, since helpfulness is contagious, you positively affect the culture of the environments you are in each and every day.

Servants Have Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand where others are coming from. When you understand where others are coming from, you can understand their motivations, worldview, blindspots, and feelings. A freezer that is not working transforms from just being a repair to being a huge expense that affects a manager’s income. When you put it on those terms, getting the freezer fixed carries meaning and purpose.

Servants Get Satisfaction From Helping Others

When someone has a servant heart, their work is rewarding. They wake up every day with renewed energy. Every repair completed is a source of happiness, motivating them to keep working.

Servants Seek Fairness

Lasting relationships are built on trust. When you trust someone, you know they will treat your fairly. When you trust someone, you will treat them fairly in return. Maintenance management is a “small world” where news travels quickly. Companies who are known for their fairness are generally given priority when it comes to making schedules and charging for services.

You know service when you experience it, and you know a servant when you meet one. Look for servant-hearted people when you are hiring for your maintenance management positions.

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