Great Facilities Managers Take Action

There are 5 qualities of great facilities managers. We believe in these so much that every member of our team at Envoy Facilities Maintenance MUST embody these 5 qualities. They are literally written on our walls. They are…

  • Service
  • Action
  • Solution
  • Growth
  • Teamwork

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It's what separates the doers from the dreamers. Taking action is the only way to get things done. This is equally simple and powerful. When you start looking for people to run your maintenance management efforts, make sure they are people who have a bent towards getting stuff done. 

Pick Up The Phone

People who take action don't wait for answers. They pick up the phone. They reach out. They track information down. They don't settle with leaving something for tomorrow. They get it done today.

Owns The Solution

Action takers are completionists. They can't stand to see work left undone and problems left unsolved. They are the type of people who tenaciously try every possible solution until they find one that works. They never think, "Someone else will take care of this."

Self Starting

They ask, "What can I do next?" If you don't have an answer, they will find something to do. They tend to come to you with solutions to problems they are not responsible for solving. They look everywhere to make things better.

It is harder to teach a dreamer to take action that it is to teach a doer to dream. Great facilities managers get stuff done.

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