Great Facilities Managers are Great Team Members

There are 5 qualities of great facilities managers. We believe in these so much that every member of our team at Envoy Facilities Maintenance MUST embody these 5 qualities. They are literally written on our walls. They are…  

  • Service 
  • Action 
  • Solution 
  • Growth 
  • Teamwork 

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It's a cliché, but it's still true: There is no "I" in team. Pat Riley said this in his book, The Winner Within.

“The most difficult thing for individuals to do when they’re part of the team is to sacrifice. It’s so easy to become selfish in a team environment. To play for me. It’s very vulnerable to drop your guard and say, ‘This is who I am and I’m gonna open up and give of myself to you.’ But that’s exactly what you’ve got to do. Willingness to sacrifice is the great paradox. You must give up something in the immediate present – comfort, ease, recognition, quick rewards – to attract something even better in the future.”

We have our own list of  what makes a great team member. 

They own the problem.  

A great team member never leaves a problem for someone else to take care of because they know that problem, left unsolved, will hurt the team. They own it, either completely, or until they successfully hand it to the person who is responsible. They never leave it untouched. 

Does not gossip or complain. 

Negativity kills team performance. It becomes an extra obstacle that must be overcome on top of all of the other challenges you will already face. It cannot be tolerated, and great facilities managers will not fall into the trap of gossip and complaining. 

Wants to see others improve.

Great team members want what’s best for the team. When other’s improve, the team improves. You want people on your team who cheat their teammates on coach them on ways to get better. They should be able to have friendly competition with a focus is on team improvement over beating a teammate.

Expects 100% from everyone.

They will have a desire to be on a great team and will have no tolerance for teammates who do not put in 100% of their effort. They want to work alongside people who care about their work at they same high level they do. Of course, they give grace when grace is due, they just enable teammates to settle for anything less than their best effort.

Accepts responsibility but give praise.

Great team members accept responsibility when things don’t go well, and they give praise to others when things to go well. Someone who points a finger and does not acknowledge their own contribution to a failure is not a great teammate. And…someone who is the first to take credit for a group’s achievement will not be a great facilities manager.

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