Facilities Managers Need the Right Environment

Facilities management is stressful by nature. The whole industry revolves around problems. Broken equipment. Maintenance issues. Upset people. Spending money as a cost center. Justifying expenses. Dealing with vendors. Dealing with store managers. Dealing with issue after problem after stress.


Here’s the point. You have to create the right environment so your facilities managers can operate from a position of stability. 

Stress makes a mess.

When an error is made, it is usually the because 1 of 3 reasons. There are errors of action, inaction, and stress.

Errors of action.

This is the best reason. This is from trying something new. It may work. It’s based on data that shows it may work. But it doesn’t, so you learn and move on. Errors of action are a necessary part of making things better. Not everything works, and if you are afraid of making an error, you will never make things better.

Errors of inaction. 

This is the worst reason, and it should not ever happen if you hire people who embody the 5 qualities of great facilities managers. Inaction means is the same as not caring. If you have someone on your team who does not care, warn them once and fire them if it happens again.

Errors of stress.

This is the error you must avoid through putting your facilities manager in an environment where they are not burdened by stress. This error is entirely your fault as the leader of your company. A major part of your job is to create a healthy organizational culture. This does not mean you set low expectations or stop demanding excellence. It means it’s your job to provide your employees with the tools and support they need to do their job well.

If you stress them out, you will run them out. Stressful, toxic environments lead to burnout. Burnout leads to disengagement. Disengagement leads to looking for a new job.

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