Creating a Maintenance Management Program That Scales

In the last post we talked about  2 approaches to maintenance programs that multi-locations companies fall into. If you are curious about what they care, go check out that post and come back. In this post, we will talk about the building blocks of programs that will grow with your company and actually work to help your company achieve it’s goals.

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Effective maintenance programs have 4 components. People, Processes, Technology, and Vendors. 


It takes a special disposition to be a great facilities manager.  You need the right values, the right background, and the right disposition.


A process is a collection of pre-made decisions. You need to think about all of the situations your company will face while you manage repairs and outline what you will do when you face each situation. The right processes will keep you from reacting to versus managing repairs.


Technology removes repetitive, administrative work, provides access to information, and frees your people to do what people do best: solve problems and help people. You also need to decide what data you are going to track in order to arm your maintenance team with the best information for making decisions.


This is one of the trickiest areas. You have decisions to to make about national vs. self-performing, regional vs. hyperlocal, multi-trade vs. single-trade. What should management structure look like. What should your insurance requirements be? How will you define and measure your service level expectations? 

The rest of this series will cover each of these areas in detail with multiple posts for each topic. We will even have downloadable templates for hiring questions, processes, technology tools, and vendor sourcing processes. We want to arm you with everything you need to create a program on your own.

And, if you decide you would like help, we are here for you too. Envoy is a Virtual Maintenance Department for hundreds of food service and retail locations throughout the US.

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