Are you missing the human side of technology?

We love technology at Envoy. We heavily leverage tech to operate effectively and efficiently. In fact, every day we ask our team this question:

“What are you currently doing everyday that our software can be doing for you?”

This is a powerful question that brings some of our best ideas for automating our business. And, as we build out these features, we remove busy work from our team members’ workload. But it's not enough to just be more efficient.


Technology shouldn't replace people or take the place of human interaction. It should free our people’s time and remove stress so they can be more human. We are big fan of people. They are better at…

  • Problem solving
  • Building relationships
  • Figuring out the root of issues
  • Creative thinking
  • Telling jokes and having fun

People who are free to do what people do best operate at a higher level of care and attention than those who are treated like robots.

  • They create and make things better.
  • They connect and make people happier.
  • They research and fix things.
  • They have empathy, patience, and respect for others.

Technology is great, but only when it clears the way for people to be more human. Here are a few questions that can help you leverage technology to it's fullest.

What are some things you are doing today that technology can do for you?

What is causing you stress and keeping you from working the way you really want to work?

Are there any areas where you rely on technology when interaction would be more effective?

What can you change today to start the process of leveraging technology to be more human?