There's a problem in PM work...


 ...and it's hurting your job. It has been for quite some time.

Go ask a facilities manager what their biggest frustration with PM work is. 9 times out of 10 they will tell you they have no way of really tracking whether or not everything was actually done.

You have no doubt heard the stories. The tech who didn't change filters for a year, but charged you anyway. The companies that neglect their porter work for weeks while the trash piles up at the tree line. The paperwork that was never turned in and forged later when it was needed to invoice.

With reactive repair work it's really easy to know if the work is done. Either it's fixed or it's not. You can't fake a lighting repair, but you can fudge the details on PM. It's too easy.

If you are a decent sized restaurant, retail, or shopping center facilities manager, your PM spend is hundreds of thousands if not multi-millions of dollars. Shouldn't a spend this large have real systems in place for accountability? Why is PM management so hands off while so much attention is placed on the reactive repair side of the business.?

The short answer is reactive repair work is loud and in your face. It demands your attention and it needs you right NOW. And while you are distracted, your lack of attention paid to your preventative efforts is perpetuating your reactive repair problem.

Neglected facilities and equipment fails more often. Once it starts failing, it's harder to get things back in line. It's expensive and time consuming.

So yeah, there's a problem with PM work. It's costing you time. It's costing you money. You should rethink your approach before the cycle goes around again.