How to Maintain Culture as Your Company Grows


By Katie Torres

There's nothing quite like the experience of working with a group of people who you get along with well, and who share your goals and values.

Having a team like this does wonders for a company. 

Not only do tasks get completed with great teamwork, but it also means that coming to work can actually be enjoyable.

But as companies grow, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the culture that your tight-knit group once had.

This happens for a few reasons, but there are ways to prevent the culture from being lost in every one of these situations:

First, new employees mean new personalities. This can quickly change the culture of your business.

It is not possible to change the personalities and attitudes of your employees. Trying to do so only causes resentment and frustration.

So, it is important to carefully hire, right from the start. Make sure you ask questions that go deeper than the applicant's skills and job history.

Ask questions that, when answered, will give you a good idea of what the person's core values are, and who they really are as a person. This will help you to know whether or not they will add to the culture of your team.

As you begin to hire more people to your team, you will also find that a larger group of people presents challenges to maintaining culture.

In this case, communication is what will save you.

Even a group of people who get along well can run into problems if the communication is not strong and clear.

You may feel that there is not enough time to continue with your regular meetings - meet anyway.

Your team needs to remain on the same page, and everyone needs to stay up-to-date on your company's policies and procedures, and anything that is going on with the business.

Team growth can sometimes lead to complacency after employees become comfortable in their success.

Don't let this happen. 

It is great that your team is growing and progressing toward common goals. But there is always further to go.

Discuss what needs to be improved at weekly meetings, and frequently talk about your team's core values. 

Remind your employees of common goals, and create new ones that keep your core values at the forefront of your efforts.

Also, have fun together. Nothing breaks the cycle of complacency like a good trip outside the office with your team. Have dinner, go to a community event. Anything to foster the sense of community you had when you started off.

These are just a few ways in which you can maintain your company's culture as your business grows. 

Do you work for a company who does this well? Let us know how in the comments. It brings us joy to hear that other companies are succeeding in this area.