Some Encouragement for You, Today.


By Katie Torres

Everyone has moments - or days, or weeks, or even months - that are just plain difficult.

It seems that no matter how much we try to change or control our situations, we are still struggling to "keep on keepin' on". 

And maybe, sometimes (I'd venture to say quite often), we get down on ourselves.

We tell ourselves that we can't get done what needs to be done.

We think we are inadequate.

We feel overwhelmed by all of life's tasks, knowing full well that they don't go away just because we're having a rough time.

And with all of these thoughts and circumstances, it's easy to only be able to see what's going wrong, and miss out on opportunities to make it better.

If you're struggling today, or have been for a while, try to see where the good is.

Write it down. Note your obstacles and frustrations. And then jot down some ideas to manage, or even overcome some of those things. 

Even if you can only work at one thing on your list, you will still be moving forward. And that makes you a winner already.

Maybe you are a leader in your company, or in your home.

Maybe the discouragement is causing you to feel inadequate in leading those who look to you for support and guidance.

The same applies for you; you are no less human that the people you are leading.

Give yourself some permission to struggle a bit, and also the grace to keep moving forward, even when times get tough.

Be encouraged today, and know that tomorrow is coming. 

It may come with some more struggles, but it could just as easily come with new opportunities.

Let's focus on the latter.