Why That Post?


By Katie Torres

Every now and then, Envoy will post a good recipe, or a funny meme, or an emotion-invoking blog post.

I'm currently sitting across from my friend and just finished telling her about the recipe I created this morning for the page (keep your eyes peeled, because you won't wanna miss it).

She was so surprised and happy to hear that a facilities maintenance company would post a recipe.

Why? I mean...we're about fixing equipment, right? What the heck does food have to do with broken toilets (well...aside from where that food eventually ends up. But we'll leave that topic to your plumber).

The reason Envoy posts about everything under the sun is because we want to be helpful in as many areas under the sun as we possibly can be.

Is the fryer in your restaurant down? You have a need. We want to help with that so business can go on.

Are you hungry for something good? You have a need. We want to help you enjoy your meal today. Here, have a recipe!

Are you suffering from some Monday blues? Well, there's a need too. Let us spread some joy and brighten your day with a good meme or two.

So, I told my friend, just as we tell everyone: It's not just about fixing things. It's about helping people.

Do something today to be helpful to someone else. It could be anything! It doesn't have to be extravagant to be helpful, and to make someone's day better.

And take a look at our site, and at our Facebook for a more complete collection of our helpful posts.