3 Ways to Remove the Obstacles Your Company is Facing


Have you ever seen one of those military movies, where the soldiers are in training and going through a ridiculously difficult obstacle course?

Running your company may not be as physically daunting as the task of one of these obstacle courses, but it does come with some obstacles of its own that need to be overcome. 

Here are three ways you can take down those obstacles like a pro, and avoid the muddy mess:

1. Don't be afraid of looking for the areas where your company can improve.

Your employees are on the frontline every day, working to find the solutions your company and customers need. They usually have a good idea about what the problem areas are, and about what they need to start tackling the issues.

Ask your employees what they need from you in order to complete their jobs effectively.

As our own CEO likes to ask, “What do you need from me that is keeping you from being able to perform at a higher level?”

And then, work to provide the resources they need.

2. Be intentional about hiring the right people, who will ask the right questions.

When you focus on asking the right questions in your hiring process, you will be more apt to find the right people.

Focus on hiring people who fit well with the culture of your company, and who hold close to the company's core values.

People who share your values will be far more likely to have the focus you need them to have when it comes to asking for what they need to do their jobs better.

You will be able to trust that they are working toward the same common goals, and will therefore have confidence in providing them with what they are asking for.

3. Listen to what your customers want, and exceed their expectations.

When your customers come to you with requests or complaints, the best thing you can possibly do is provide them with an answer, and wow them with your helpfulness.

You can never give too much time or ask too many questions to make sure that your customers are served well. 

When you are irrationally helpful in serving your customers and meeting their needs, you will smooth over any current problems, and prevent future obstacles from arising. 

Happy customers = a happy and successful company.

Removing the obstacles from your work does not have to be overly complicated or difficult. There is work to be done in getting there, but the vision and process can be fairly straight-forward.

Take some time today to talk with your team, and start looking for areas where you can work to improve.

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