3 Ways To Know if an FM Company is Right for You


By Katie Torres

Running a business is no simple task.

There are multiple details that go into the development and upkeep of a company, and the care of facilities and equipment is no exception.

You may be wondering if the use of a FM company would be beneficial to you and your company. If so, this post is meant to help you decide who to go with.

These are a few qualities to look for when deciding which FM company you want to team with.

1. A Good FM company helps to remove obstacles in planning and reaching goals. 

A great FM company will do this by paying attention to what your needs are as a customer.

They will ask you what your frustrations are, and how they can help you get what you need.

For example, if you're struggling with the cost of hiring a vendor to repair your equipment, the right team will offer assistance in finding ways to minimize that cost for you.

The right FM company will not only help to repair your equipment - they will help you remove the obstacles that are in the way of you getting what you need.

2. Good FM companies provide the data and resources needed to keep your equipment and facilities maintained.

They keep track of current trends in the industry, and are ready to share information so you can stay informed in your decisions.

Information about repairs and equipment is recorded, and feedback is given based on the data collected. This helps companies to make better decisions down the line, and prevents the stress that comes with not knowing what move to make next.

Feel free to ask about their software, since this plays a large part in how FM companies keep track of data and share information.

3. Having help from an FM company can prevent equipment failures and reduce the stress for your business.

If you have just one location, you might be able to get away with making repairs with a self-performing FM program.

But the more your company expands, the more difficult and complicated this becomes. It pays to have a good FM company to work with, who will provide some organization to the process. 

The fewer breakdowns in equipment and facilities, the less stress and confusion for you and your employees.