Finding a Great Facilities Manager


By Katie Torres

Anyone would assume that to find a great facilities maintenance manager, it would be wise to find someone who has worked in facilities maintenance...right?

Well, maybe. But, not necessarily.

While having some knowledge of facilities might help, there are a few traits that are more important to look for when finding the right fm manager.

Facilities maintenance managers have to manage well.

This does not mean that they must know how to repair equipment themselves.

It just means that they understand the processes and procedures that help the job get done, and they can work to make sure it happens.

They have experience. They have skills in managing people, finances, and everything that goes along with having a well-run business.

They should not be a stranger to technology. 

Especially in today's world, technology is a must if a company wants to keep up with current trends and changes.

Technology provides organization, saves time, and prevents confusion.

These are all things that fm managers should be working to accomplish. Why not take all the help technology can offer?

Great fm managers are great researchers, and critical thinkers.

They make data-driven decisions.

They are always looking to learn more, and to make things better.

Finally, they work to maintain and improve your brand.

The right FM manager has the company's goals in mind and will work toward making those goals happen.

They are not just about fixing things. They are about making sure everything runs smoothly so that the company can be successful, and brand image can be built.

FM managers do not have to be experts about facilities maintenance.

They just have to be great managers.