Making Decisions for Facilities Maintenance as Your Company Expands


By Katie Torres

My bathtub has needed repairs three times since moving into my apartment complex, less than six months ago.

The first time a repair was made, the original problem was solved but another problem started that day.

The second repair basically undid the first repair, while the other problem remained.

The third repair was the charm. Finally, my tub and shower are doing what they are supposed to.

What was the difference between the first two repairs, and the third?

The first two repairs were made by the grounds technician, who has a general knowledge of the buildings. He was able to improve the functioning of my tub a bit, but it just was not getting fixed.

The third repair was made by a certified plumber, a specialist contractor. He was needed for repairs that fell outside the grounds technician's area of expertise.

The multiple repairs ended up costing a lot of time and extra expense for the apartment complex.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar?

If your company is growing and expanding, this story may be more and more common if your company is still used to taking care of repairs with in-house technicians.

The more locations a business has, the more knowledge is needed for the growing list of equipment, and the more hands are needed to get all the jobs done.

And while your technician is probably great at his/her job, the truth is that one person cannot take on all the problems, and fix them each to the highest standard.

If you find yourself able to relate to the above scenario, and are tired of spending extra money and time on repairs, it might be worthwhile to reevaluate how your company does maintenance.

Does the help of a facilities maintenance company sound like it might lessen the load a bit for your business? 

Talk it over with your facilities department. And if you're wondering what it would look like to have an FM company work with you, take a look at our site for more information.