Communicate It


By Katie Torres

Company core values are an absolute necessity for any business. They keep everyone focused and united on goals, and provide a shared common vision for the direction of the company.

On of our own core values is this: Communicate.

We've shared before about some practical ways you can communicate well. In this post, we want to share a few ways we make this happen at Envoy:

1. We make use of technology to communicate well.

We have work order management software which gives us the ability to send and receive updates throughout the entire work order process, from start to finish.

This means we are able to communicate this information quickly and effectively. Our vendors and customers know what's happening at every step of the way, and no one has to chase after information.

2. We give each other updates before they are asked for.

Not only do we do this with our vendors and customers, but we do this with each other as well.

If we have a task to complete, this looks like us giving updates on that task before they are due. We stay in close communication with each other about what we're working on so no chance is missed to get the task done well.

If we see a piece of information that would benefit the company or those we serve, we share it with the team promptly, so the information can be used to help us grow.

3. We set up our processes with the focus of increasing communication with our vendors. 

Every work order requires price approval which provides our team with the opportunity to discuss repairs, pricing, and catch unnecessary costs before they occur. 

We are able to discuss with our customers about what’s going on with their repairs, before the repair is actually made.

Because we discuss everything beforehand, all information is communicated in such a way that our customers can make the best possible decisions because they know what their options are.

Communication is a necessary piece to achieving goals and accomplishing tasks. How will your team leverage communication to move your own business forward?