Have Fun With It


By Katie Torres

One of the most defining qualities about Envoy is our ability to have fun with our work.

We prioritize fun because we want it to be a part of our culture. In fact, part of the reason Envoy was started was because our founders wanted a place to work where they could also have fun.

But not only does having fun make work better for us, it also helps us to serve others better. Why? Because people love working with happy people.

So we do a few things to ensure that our culture is full of fun.

We don't gossip. 

We don't talk poorly about one another or focus on failures. We avoid the drama.

We do, however, pick on each other.

You know you can have fun when you can both give a joke, and take one too. We love to give each other a hard time every now and then. It provides a good deal of laughter, and even a bit of healthy competition at times.

We don't hold grudges.

If there is a disagreement, we choose to talk about it rather than let the problem go on and get worse over time. And when we do talk about disagreements, we do so with grace. We are patient with one another and seek to make things better, rather than focusing on any points of contention.

We play music, and lots of it.

Our office is often full of great music to keep everyone energized and in a good mood. We're talking about the best artists here; everything from Frank Sinatra to Foo Fighters. 

We are flexible.

We have created a work environment where our employees have the freedom to work from home, but we make it so great that people want to come into the office.

Not only that, but we do everything we can to accommodate so that our employees are working within their interests and skill sets. It means that people are doing what they're great at, and they're more willing to have fun with their jobs.

Simply put, Envoy loves to have fun.

You should make it a point to have fun with your work, too. People love working with happy people. And besides, who doesn't want to be happy in their job?