Help Everyone


By Katie Torres

We want to be irrationally helpful people.

From day one, this is what Envoy has been about: We're not just fixing things, we are helping people. 

Here are a few ways we have worked to make sure this happens:

1. We work to serve in a way that surprises our customers.

We want to be the company who does exactly the opposite of what you have grown to expect from the many businesses who only want to make a profit from you.

We want to exceed your expectations and give you even more than you had asked for. 

This means going above and beyond in our levels of service and communication. We want to make sure you know the job is getting done, and that it is done to the highest standards.

2. Our managers prioritize helping the team grow.

Within our own company, we place a huge emphasis on helping one another reach our full potential.

We are given the information and resources we need to learn, and in fact, are even paid to keep learning more.

When we run into obstacles, our managers are quick to help us remove those obstacles. They help us find our strengths and allow us to work within those, all while helping to build our skills in other areas so we can keep moving forward as a team.

3. Technology helps us to help lessen the load for our customers. 

We always ask the question, “What are we doing that software can do for us?” What could automation provide for us, so that we would be free to make decisions and help our customers?

Work orders, on average, include about 40 steps. Our team has worked hard to bring that number down to just 6 steps.

Because of this, our individual Account Managers are able to handle hundreds of work orders a week. This means we are able to help our customers on hundreds of work orders, and we can focus on getting them what they need.

We want to help everyone. Whether that's our own team members or a person on the other side of a work order, we want to help.

Have you seen something a company has done to be irrationally helpful? Share your experience in the comments. We'd love to hear about it.