Keep Growing


By Katie Torres

No matter what point we are at in life, the only option for us is to keep moving forward.

This same is true for our companies. 

Anything that has happened up to this point cannot be changed, and staying where we are will only work for a short time before we start falling behind. 

So, our option is to keep growing. Here's how:

1. Keep learning.

At Envoy, we have invested time and finances into the continued education of our team.

We have a book club, weekly online courses through LinkedIn Learning, and the chance to take responsibility for finding solutions to problems.

We value education because we know it is the way we will keep moving forward, and open doors of opportunity.

2. Have fun.

Creating actively engaged employees who are passionate about company growth requires employees who are happy about their jobs.

We do everything we can to make our company a place where people are naturally excited about their jobs.

For us, this looks like having a space where people can work from home if they need to, but creating an office atmosphere that makes them want to come in to work.

We spend time together, celebrate birthdays and holidays together, and have prizes when our team members actively live out our company values. Yeah, we have fun.

3. Do your best to help team members into roles that match their strengths. 

Facilities maintenance may not necessarily sound like a fun job to many. But we are excited about it, in part, because we are doing what we're great at.

Within every job are specific roles. Making sure that employees are working according to their strengths will help them feel that they are contributing and making a difference.

When people are good at what they do, they tend to want to do more of it.

4. Focus on helping others.

Your company can never be just about you and your team, and making profit. 

We focus on helping others because that is what we're here for. Really, that is what any company is here for: to serve its customers.

When you focus on serving, people take notice. Serving well builds trust and relationships. And this also leads to having a growing and successful business.

Keep being intentional about the continued growth of your company.