Taking One Hundred Percent Ownership


By Katie Torres

Every member on a team has the responsibility of moving the team forward.

When all members apply this understanding to their roles within the company, great things happen.

We call this taking one hundred percent ownership. And these are a few ways we do that:

1. We tell the truth.

Before our team or customers even have the chance to ask us a question, we choose to be honest, share information freely, and tell it like it is.

If we are having a hard time overcoming an obstacle, we don't just ignore the problem. We meet together, talk it out, and find the solution to keep moving forward.

2. We take responsibility for mistakes, and work to make it better.

If there is a problem or a misunderstanding, it does not help to place the blame on someone else.

We ask, "what went wrong? What part of this can we take responsibility for so that this does not happen again?"

And then when we have the answer, we act with the solution.  

2. As our team grows, we recognize the importance of communication to help us take ownership over our roles.

We meet often to discuss what is working, what's not working, and what needs improvement.

We make lists and prioritize what needs the most attention, and assign roles to our team to work on finding solutions to the problems.

Taking ownership does not always mean that a mistake has been made or that something has gone wrong.

It simply means that each individual on a team is constantly working to keep moving forward, and is taking responsibility for the growth of the company.

We hope to be that kind of company.