Happy & Helpful...How?


By Katie Torres

I sat down next to him in my favorite coffee shop, and apologized after I bumped his computer charger with my elbow as I sat down in the only open seat left.

He was there, doing the same thing I was - working.

After brainstorming and researching for quite some time, I looked over and asked him what he was working on.

To my pleasant surprise, he told me he was working on marketing and content development for his business site.

I was immediately interested and excited to hear about his work, since I was running low on ideas and inspiration myself. (And low on coffee. My mug was empty by this point.)

He shared with me his frustrations about trying to create a culture for his business, after moving from another city where the culture naturally fit with the service he was offering.

He said that people here are just not as excited about what he does, and expressed that it was difficult to cultivate the same level of excitement and dedication to the company's goals that his business previously experienced before moving.

At this point, I was just absolutely on the edge of my seat, excited to share with him what our company does and how we maintain such a fun culture.

He listened as I explained that, for facilities maintenance, it is sometimes nothing short of a trick to help people understand why it's so awesome.

Facilities maintenance is often viewed as a one of those things that you do because you have to, not necessarily because you want to.

It is viewed as an extra expense rather that the time and money saver that it actually is.

It is, for many people, the "boring" or undesired part of their jobs.

And let's be honest: It's definitely not the most glamorous job there is.

But nonetheless, I was able to explain to my new friend how it is that we are able to love our jobs in facilities maintenance - even though some may think it's not all that exciting on the surface.

You see, we've created a culture that allows for fun to be had, relationships to be made, and people to be helped.

Thinking about facilities maintenance will probably not make one well up with joy and gratitude...

But, thinking about someone being able to run their business and provide for their family, most certainly will do it.

The person who has a well-run business, has it because someone helped them with the facilities and equipment necessary for them to do their jobs.

That person is far more likely to be appreciative of the kind of work it takes to keep a building and equipment well maintained. And even more than that, they know what it's like to be helped when they need it most.

Envoy is persistent in building a culture that makes people feel that their needs are being met, and that they are valued. 

That's what facilities maintenance is about to us - helping.

And on this specific day, my passion for facilities maintenance led to helping someone in a completely unrelated trade.

I left the coffee shop, elated that I was able to help the guy next to me find a little encouragement, and a little more vision for his own business.

It doesn't matter what your trade is, or how people initially view what you do. A good company culture will make it a winner, every time.