How Much is Too Much to Spend on Maintenance?


By Katie Torres

Things break.

No matter what your company does, it either has or will experience the dilemma of having to fix something that has broken, and this will not be limited to a one-time event.

Unfortunately, any way you look at it, these repairs cost money.

So the question many FM managers face is, "how much is too much to spend on this repair?"

How do you decide which vendors are the best for the job, and how do you save the most money, while still getting a repair completed to the highest standard?

Let's start by discussing a few you things you should NOT be spending money on:

1. Unnecessary repairs.

Have you ever been to a mechanic for one problem, and then left with multiple problems that all needed addressing at the same time? Your bill likely ended up being far higher than you had anticipated when you went in.

Sometimes, the repairs are necessary. But many other times, the extra repairs can either wait, or they do not even require attention at all.

The same can happen in facilities, so it is important to be keen on exactly what you have, and what your best options are to make the necessary repairs.

2. Time lost due to disorganization.

Time costs money. If the time is well spent, then this is a good investment. But if the time being spent is time that should spent elsewhere, this is a loss.

The answer to this is to prioritize well. Having great software can help do this. For example, the data that our software provides helps us to prioritize what needs to be done most. It also helps us make the most informed decisions, so that our efforts make the biggest possible difference.

3. Replacing equipment before it's time.

Unnecessary repairs are one thing, and they are very costly. Replacing equipment before it's needed can be even more costly.

It is important to have a detailed work order history on the equipment at your locations, and remain up-to-date on how often asset repairs have been occurring. This also can be done easily with the right software. 

So, how much is too much to spend on maintenance?

In short, it's whatever you're spending that does not have to be spent. Having the right people, processes, and software is an investment. But spending money that doesn't need to be spent, is an expense.

No matter how you look at it, you have to spend money. But it doesn't have to be more than what is necessary.