The Value of Facilities Maintenance


By Katie Torres

In a culture that is increasingly less excited about jobs which revolve around skilled trades and handiwork, it has become common for facilities maintenance to be treated as less important, less worth the investment, and more, well...boring.

But maybe facilities maintenance only seems boring because we have lost sight of why it's so important.

Facilities maintenance is critical to the survival of literally everything we do. 


Public transportation, your favorite restaurants, hospitals, theme parks...NONE of it would exist without the people who care enough to maintain it all.

And that's really what it comes down to: People. 

Everything that we've created, we've created with the intention of serving people and making life better.

We value experience.

And the people who are passionate about facilities maintenance (, also happen to be passionate about creating an experience for people that will make their lives better.

So, let's reword this:

In a culture that is increasingly passionate about living out great experiences, it has become all the more important for facilities maintenance to be valued as the very foundation on which these experiences are created.

After all, behind every great experience is a group of people who were passionate about making it happen.

Facilities maintenance is where it's at. It's time to start getting more excited about that.