5 Reasons Envoy Will Grow in 2018


It's been a really great year for Envoy, and we are excited about what this next year will hold. We wanted to take a minute to talk about some of the things we've accomplished, and how we intend on doing even more in the coming year.

We are super proud of our team and we can't wait to give our customers even more reason to feel the same way. 

So, here are five ways we intend on doing just that: 

1. Awesome communication.

Every work order, every day, has our full attention. Does that sound like a lot of work? It is...but with our management software and refined processes, we've made it happen. And we've made it happen so our customers haven't had to, all while keeping them in the loop on the whole process.

2. We're in it to help.

Envoy continues to add people to our team who share our passion in serving our customers. We aim to be irrationally helpful. To us, facilities maintenance is not just about fixing things; it's about helping people. 

3. We're taking 100% ownership.

As Envoy has grown (and continues to grow), there have been growing pains. This has required every member of our team to stretch beyond their comfort zone to accommodate that growth. We have taken on roles that were not necessarily in our job descriptions upon being hired. We have stepped into these roles based on our strengths, and we do what will benefit the company (and our customers) as a whole.

4. Continued growth.

At Envoy, we highly value education. It's why we spend so much time on it, and why we even pay our employees to keep learning more. The investment we make into education continues to pay off in big ways, like, better communication, great negotiation skills, and an overall improvement in individual roles. This all makes for a more efficient team, with better service for our customers.

5. We're having fun.

Truly, we love our jobs. We love being here, helping people, and being a part of something that makes a difference in the lives of others. We love having an atmosphere where we can come into work and have great relationships with our coworkers. We're a group of people who care about the work we do, and we care about each other. But we can also take a joke (or 20) here and there.

As Envoy continues to grow, we will be looking for more people who want to join our team and make things better for the people we serve. If you're going into this next year with the hopes of making a positive change in the world, joining Team Envoy might be a good choice to help you fulfill that New Years resolution.

And if your company's FM department is looking for some positive change in the new year, we'd also like to be the team that helps make that happen for you.

Whether you'd like to apply to join our team, or schedule a time to find out more about how we can help, take a look at our site to learn more.

We're excited to keep turning "irrationally helpful" into a reality. 

Happy New Year from Team Envoy!