FM Basics: Understanding What Makes a Facilities Maintenance Company Great


By Katie Torres

What is a facility maintenance (FM) company? This article will not only explain to you the function of a FM company, but will answer questions like, “what businesses benefit from using a FM company? What are the benefits of using an FM company?” And, “how do I find a good FM company to work with?” By the end of this post, we hope you’ll have a good handle on what a good FM company is and how to find one so you can be on your way to building your FM program and bettering your business.

A FM company fixes things for other people. They hire vendors to maintain buildings, equipment, HVAC units, etc.

There are a couple different types of FM companies. Self-performing companies use their own employees to get the job done, whereas International companies hire vendors and send them to the site to fix what’s broken. Some companies specialize in one area of facilities maintenance, whereas others cover a variety of trades.

Anyone can benefit from using a FM company. Every business should have their own FM program whether that means they are self-performing (using their own employees), or working with a FM company to get the busy work done for them.

This FM program should be in place before something breaks to save time and hassle later. It’s much easier to prevent fires than it is to put them out once the damage has been done.

Here are just three benefits of working with a good FM company:

Having a good FM company will extend the length of the equipment’s life and quality. A good FM company follows the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep equipment cleaned and maintained properly.

Having a FM program in tact increases your brand image. In other words, your business looks better and is more appealing to customers. No one wants to go into (let alone work for) a business that is run down. On the contrary, a good FM program will keep your business looking good and running well.

A well-kept business = happy workers = happy customers = low turnover and higher profit.

Working with a good FM company also eliminates unnecessary work orders as they track repairs and hold vendors accountable for their work. Because of this, the job is done more efficiently so you’re not stuck fixing the same problem repeatedly.

And, your company benefits financially in the long run when you’re not constantly having to fix what’s broken.

So how do you find a good FM company to work with? Here are three questions to ask to answer that question:

What are their processes? How well thought out are they? Can they tell you what’s going on at every stage from the time the repair is requested to the time the invoice is received? How will they handle an issue if it arises? Who are your points of contact? Are they able to explain why they do something a certain way rather than saying “that’s just the way we do it”? Always ask why things are done the way they’re done.

What technology do they use to stay organized? They need a system designed to efficiently organize work orders, not just an Excel Spreadsheet. Ask to peek at their software and see for yourself how the technology works for them.

And finally, what does their support department look like? Are they able to help meet your specific needs? Why do they function the way they do? Can they work with your specific communication style?

Asking these questions and receiving good answers is a great indicator that you’ve found the right FM company to work with. A FM company who can give good answers to these questions is likely organized, efficient, and trustworthy, and you can be sure that you will benefit from working with them.

We hope this article has proven beneficial to you! We’d love to help you in other ways as well.

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