Know Your Role, and Change the World.

By Katie Torres

No one makes it out of this life alive. So, we ought to spend the time we have here by investing into the lives of others. What else really makes lasting change?

At Envoy, we believe in being irrationally helpful.

This is not just a catchy slogan that we like to toss around because it sounds good. It's what we believe in, and it's how we operate our company.

Knowing your role is, perhaps, the most beneficial thing you can do to help others. No matter how big or small your role appears to be, it is there for a reason. Your role plays a very real part in making your job a better place. And when you invest in your job, you are investing in the world. 

No one really thinks of facilities maintenance and says, "oh what a glamorous, fulfilling job". When I'm sitting at my computer for hours on end, hitting "send" on hundreds of sales emails, I'm not always filled with an awe-inspiring sense of fulfillment. 

But my appreciation for this company and my desire to make lives better is what pushes that "send" button, over and over again.

I also understand that without those sales emails, we have nothing to work from. We don't make connections with businesses, and therefore, we make no impact. Things are left broken, and businesses suffer.

And it's not just businesses that suffer; it's the people working for them. Those people matter.

This is so simple, and yet we forget the significance of our roles so easily.

If you need help to understand what exactly your role is and why it matters, start by talking to the people around you. 

Ask someone how you can serve them today. Send a few emails for someone to lessen their load, or grab a cup of coffee for them to keep them going strong. 

Ask your coworkers what it is you do that helps them and your company thrive. Then, do more of it. 

When you have an attitude to serve, you make positive and lasting change.

Be proactive. Keep sending just one more email. Keep fixing just one more toilet.

In a generation that is increasingly interested in authenticity, it is absolutely essential to invest in your job. When you care about what you're doing, it shows. 

When you know your role and invest in it, you are investing in the world.

For more about how Envoy can help you be an effective game changer, check out our website. And if you want to be sure you're working for a company who cares, apply for Envoy. We are hiring! Work with us to be irrationally helpful.