How to Create a Place Where People Love to Work

By Katie Torres

Everyone wants a good job. The details of what constitute a “good job” may vary from person to person, but most people know what they’re NOT looking for in a job.

If you’ve ever worked in a toxic environment before, you know full well how draining it can be. You probably also have a good idea of how you might want your experience to look different.

Toxic work environments are usually made up of supervisors and coworkers who have self-serving attitudes, always looking out for Number One. A lot of backbiting happens in these situations. Rather than teach and build each other up, coworkers may take every opportunity to call one out for their mistakes so they can climb higher on the ladder themselves.

These environments are highly dysfunctional. Because everyone is looking out for themselves, they cannot possibly unite on a common goal. The mission is lost amid the arguing. The customers who are meant to be served are placed on the backburner while employees fight for their own desires.

Eventually, the team, and ultimately the business, falls apart.

If you’ve never worked in a toxic environment before, just watch one episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell to understand just how destructive these backbiting behaviors can be, and how healing it can be to implement some strong, basic, core values.

As discouraging as it can be to find a good working environment, these jobs DO exist. There are a few key characteristics that define a desirable work environment for most people, and these are some things to look for:

Here at Envoy, we operate our business based off five core values. These values are: Service, Action, Solution, Growth, and Teamwork.

We constantly strive to serve one another, as well as our customers. We value putting others’ needs above our own.

To serve, we must be active. We don’t just sit on ideas and the thought of being good to others. We find the answers people need, and we set them into motion.

This means we are solution-makers. The goals are to remove the problems of those we are serving.

To accomplish these goals, we must be in a constant state of growth. If we become stagnant in either our company growth or our personal growth, our effectiveness quickly diminishes. We must constantly keep moving forward.

And finally, we must be a team that works together. Teamwork means building one another up, investing in one another, and in our customers. We keep our eyes fixed on the common goals rather than on ourselves.

When you step through the doors of Envoy, you quickly see that the common goal is to serve and be irrationally helpful to both our customers and employees.

Simply put, we are a part of making lives better.

Both our employees and our customers thrive due to the culture and values which we constantly work to emphasize. The level of gratitude that this produces causes us to desire even more deeply to serve.

Perhaps you’re looking for a work environment like the one described here. If so, Envoy may be a good fit for you. You can apply here.

Or, perhaps you might just want to take these values and practice them in your current workplace. Your business and your customers will thank you, and you’ll be glad you did.