Ready When You Need Us

By Katie Torres

It's Friday. Everyone is ready for the weekend, tired from the workweek, and anticipating the end of the day. You think all morning about how 5 pm couldn't come soon enough, and you're counting down the hours.

Then, a major piece of equipment goes down.

Lucky you, you'll probably be there until 8 pm because of the delay that this will cause. Needless to say, your mood significantly decreases.

Who are you going to call? Well, I'm not sure the Ghostbusters will help too much here.

If you were left to fix this problem yourself, with your own employees, who knows how long this could affect your business. You'd be taking time that you don't have to fix what could be fixed by someone else.

Who is that someone else? Well, it sure would be a nice touch to the blog to say it's EnvoyFM. But, let's just say that you've followed wisdom and established a Facilities Maintenance Program. You work with a FM company who will get you the right vendor to get the job done for you, so you're not stuck there until 8 pm trying to fix it yourself.

So you make the call, and a vendor is sent to the site. Your equipment is repaired, business goes on, and you go home at 5 pm to enjoy your weekend.

EnvoyFM offers the people, processes, and the vendors to make scenarios like this one possible. We are more than happy to help so that you can continue doing what you care about most. 

Having a facilities maintenance program is essential to the growth of any business. It produces an extended life cycle of facilities and equipment, an increased brand image, and a reduction of unnecessary repairs.

Don't wait until equipment is already broken to have a plan in place. When companies wait until things are broken to respond, we call this reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance causes us to always be playing catch-up, constantly distracted from what matters because we're always putting out fires rather than doing business.

Preventative maintenance is what FM programs fall under, and it is exactly what it sounds like: it prevents problems from occurring in the first place by keeping equipment properly maintained and running well, so you don't have to run around later trying to fix what's broken.

If you want to learn more about how EnvoyFM can help make this possible, check out our site.

And whatever you do, make sure you prioritize having a FM program in place so you can make it home on time to watch Ghostbusters with the family (or, whatever movie floats your boat).