Extend the Life Cycle of Your Equipment

By Katie Torres

We talk a lot about having a maintenance program in place, and about the benefits of doing so before equipment goes down.

One of the points we stress most often is the fact that having a program like this will help extend the life cycle of your equipment. So let's talk for a minute about how to keep your equipment well maintained.

The first thing you can do is make sure your equipment is covered by a warranty. The price of the warranty will either be included in the cost of the equipment, or can be sold in addition to the equipment upon purchase.

Having a warranty will ensure that your broken equipment is replaced or repaired at no additional cost in the event that your equipment breaks within the time period that is covered by your warranty. 

If your warranty has expired, it is possible to acquire an extended warranty, though, this may not always be the best option if the cost of extending that warranty is greater than what the cost of repairs would be.

There can also be a lot of fine print in contracts when it comes to purchasing extended warranties. So it warrants (pun intended) some extra discretion when deciding whether or not this is the route to go.

Aside from a warranty, it is necessary to have procedures to keep your equipment maintained.

Know whose responsibility it is to document maintenance. Records should be kept for dates and details of servicing, notes of what was broken, what was found during inspections, actions taken, and certifications.

To find out how often to service your equipment, you can check out the manufacturer's recommendations. They will give you information on how often to service, and a list of what needs periodic maintenance. 

Of course, it helps to have all of this taken care of by a Facilities Maintenance company. Part of having an efficient FM program means finding which company to work with. They will find the right vendors to complete the maintenance for you, as well as the organization needed for proper documentation.

Doing this will help eliminate the need for unexpected costs and repairs. And when something does come up, it will be easier to make repairs in a timely manner.

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