The Key to Growth: Never Stop Learning

By Katie Torres

Putting out content that helps others is not always the easiest task.

After racking my brain today to come up with something fresh to share, it hit me that my time spent researching and reviewing previous material was definitely not time wasted.

Why? Because growth happens when you invest your time in learning.

The world's most innovative and epic inventions have come as a result of people learning and finding solutions to problems. 

We have put human beings on the moon. We have technology that allows us to hear and even see each other from opposite sides of the earth. We can even give someone a new heart when theirs has failed.

Facilities maintenance may not seem to be as dramatic or world-changing as these accomplishments, but it definitely plays a part in helping people achieve goals just like the ones mentioned above. After all, people did require working equipment to achieve all of those things.

Do you have equipment that is just not cutting it? Find out what other successful businesses in your industry are using. Understand what the manufacturer's recommendations are for maintaining your current equipment, and have a plan in place to keep it functioning well.

Has it been a challenge to put together a system of processes that will help your company reach goals? Sit down and talk about it. Find the people who are where you want to be, and ask them how they got there. Ask them where their focus was, and how they executed their plans. 

Is your technology outdated or otherwise insufficient? Do some research. Pay attention to the trends in your industry and see what has been working for others. Invest in the technology that is necessary to get the job done. A good use of technology will always free you up to accomplish more.

Whatever problem you have, the answer can never simply be, "I don't know."

Imagine if the people who accomplished our world's greatest achievements threw up their hands as soon as they ran into a problem they didn't know the answer to.

It's fine to not know at first. But don't stay there. We live in a time of limitless information and resources. Use whatever you can to learn more, and continue growing.

For more information about facilities maintenance, check out our website. We love to learn and we'd be happy to share our findings with you as well.