5 Reasons Not to Invest in a Facilities Maintenance Program

By Katie Torres

Sure, we talk a lot about the importance of having a properly maintained facility, but have you ever wondered if we were just pulling your leg? Well, wonder no more. Here are five reasons you might just be right after all, and we should all just quit our day jobs:

1. You just love the rush of adrenaline you get when you're serving your hundredth customer of the day and your fryer goes down, making it impossible to serve the next person in line. The thought of frantically trying to fix it so you don't lose the rest of your customers is exhilarating. I mean, who doesn't love a challenge, am I right?

2. Sure, you value your employees. But, who really cares if they know that? I'm sure that Rob from accounting will feel like he's contributing enough to the company when he has to spend his day making sure the bucket under the ceiling catches that leak. If he doesn't let a drop hit the floor, he's the real MVP. Give that guy a medal. 

3. You love being busy fixing toilets and clogged drains so much that you'd rather spend your time doing that than spend time on the parts of the job that you actually care about. Some people joke about pooping on company time; others prefer to clean up poop on company time. Hey, to each his own.

4. Chaos is where your happy place is. You get a thrill from all the drama that is caused by the lack of communication and organization. If your vendor doesn't show up to fix the problem because they missed the message, then refer back to reason number one, and simply remind yourself how excited you are to fix it yourself in a pinch!

5. The place you work should never be a place that employees enjoy. Ever. Never let them be excited about coming to work, or else they might just want to stay. Instead, provide your employees with the coveted experience of being stressed out all day, with broken equipment, and tension between coworkers over all the work that isn't getting done because of said broken equipment. Yes, yes. That'll do.

So there you have it! Five grand reasons why you should just skip out on putting time into facilities maintenance. 

Or, ya know, you might just disagree with this list and decide you want some help. If you're really sure, then come check out our site for some better info than what's in this blog post.