Service: A Core Value at the Heart of Facilities Maintenance

By Katie Torres

It's always devastating when a company is ripped off by their vendors, or by someone who was supposed to serve them by managing those vendors for them.

"Devastating" may seem like a bit of a dramatic word to use, but we think it's actually quite fitting.

The world is rough enough. When a vendor or FM company is only interested in personal gain, it ends up becoming a self-serving transaction and the company they are supposed to be helping, ends up suffering.

This is, quite simply, devastating.

Service is at the heart of what every good FM company should be about.

When an FM company values service, they become empathetic to the needs of their customers.

They understand their customers' needs, wants, and frustrations, and they go to whatever lengths necessary to fulfill those needs.

Understanding that a company's needs directly affect the employee's lives, helps to see the importance of having empathy. An FM company who selfishly takes advantage directly hurts the employees who they are supposed to be helping.

An FM company who values service is an FM company who seeks to be helpful.

They do not hold expectations over the heads of their customers. They share information and look to help others, and in doing so, they build bridges of communication and relationship. 

At first glance, being irrationally helpful can appear to be counter intuitive. But helping others in this way benefits everyone involved. 

You can always tell when a company values service, because they are the ones who express their satisfaction at having the chance to help out their customers.

They are literally motivated by the satisfaction they receive from helping. This is the definition of someone who has a servant's heart, and a true desire to help.

You can't miss these kinds of people. Their intentions are evident in the way they work and in the results produced by their service.

Facilities management is about more than fixing what is broken. It's about serving people who have needs, and building relationships upon the trust that is created when service is done well. 

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