Be Consistently Persistent.

By Katie Torres

Envoy started out as an idea.

The idea was to create a place where people love to work, with the intention of helping as many people as possible. 

The idea was to use this business as a platform to help others grow. 

The idea was a dream, and it has been steadily turning into a reality ever since.

Less than a year ago, I jumped into this awesomeness that is Envoy. I was not here to witness many of the obstacles that were overcome by those who came before me. 

But I am here now, and man, I am reaping the benefits of their persistence. And now I'm working hard so that those who come after me can have the same experience, if not better.

No matter what the obstacle has been, this team of people has decided, repeatedly, consistently, that they would persist to find the solution and grow from every experience.

For every mistake that has been made, there has been a lesson learned and a fulfilled intention to improve and not make the same mistake twice.

For every success, there has been excitement, and a passion to make sure that the success does not create a sense of complacency to do more.

And look, it's worked. It's working.

You don't have to be extraordinarily spectacular to accomplish your goals and dreams. 

You just have to persist, and do so consistently. 

The ability to do that is pretty spectacular in and of itself. 

You may be someone who is persistent in your goals. You may be someone who wants to help others. If you are that someone, take a look at our site and our open job opportunities. We'd love to have you. Let's grow together.