Organization: Who Needs It?

By Katie Torres

It's Friday morning, 7:00 AM; the end of a long work week, and you're excited to get through to the weekend.

Time to wake up and smell the...oh. Your coffee isn't made. You forgot last night to set the automatic start for this morning. 

You get up, irritated at the thought of having to start your day without coffee. You go to your closet to get dressed.

Well, you thought you'd be getting dressed. The laundry you washed yesterday afternoon sits there folded, but nothing is put away. So you dig through to find what you need, until your folded pile appears to be a dirty pile all over again.

Now ten minutes late, you think you've finally got it together and you head to grab your keys for work.

Your keys...where are your keys..."WHERE ARE THE KEYS?!" You scream internally (or out loud, if you're like me).

They aren't in the designated key drawer, that's for sure. Is the rest of the day going to follow this same trend?

You get the picture.

Most people are probably familiar with the above scenario. It's a rather common occurrence, especially in today's fast-paced culture.

We move so quickly and are so interested in getting through to the next thing that we often either forget or choose not to spend the time planning and organizing.

In our personal lives, this causes stress and annoyance.

In our professional lives, it causes mistakes and lost profit (also stress and annoyance). 

Everyone needs organization and the tools to help them keep everything in order.

This is especially true in facilities maintenance. When companies lack organization, they face more obstacles in planning and reaching goals. 

They lack the data and resources to keep their equipment and facilities maintained.

So when equipment goes down, it can begin to feel an awful lot like not having the keys you needed this morning to get to work.

Only in this scenario, the work won't be getting done at all because no one planned ahead to avoid the equipment going down in the first place.

Friday is almost over, and today didn't go so hot. 

But rest assured, Monday is coming and we can do it all over again. Let's try it with a little more organization next week though, shall we?

Envoy has a really great site that can help you prepare over the weekend for a better week ahead. Check it out!

And if you have stories of your own about obstacles you've faced due to lack of organization, we'd love to hear them. Feel free to share them with us. We'd love to help make those stories less frequent.