Frustration Just Means You're Growing.

By Katie Torres

I have a headache right now.

Why? Well, for the last few hours, I've been racking my brain over what I want to write about in this blog post.

This happens every couple of weeks. I have a spurt of inspiration, write a few great posts, and then I hit a wall. Writer's block. It never fails.

The first time I felt the pangs of frustration with this job, I was sitting in the office, a room away from my boss. 

Obviously, that wasn't far enough away that he couldn't audibly make out the sounds of what he called, my "brain growing".

My brain growing.

What a nice way to say that...

In my mind, it felt like nothing more than sheer frustration and irritation at my inability to complete the task at hand (much like how I feel today).

But today, just as that day, the words he used to describe my experience were pretty spot on.

I've been frustrated with my lack of inspiration. But that lack of inspiration is precisely what is inspiring me to write a post about how it's possible to use these kinds of experiences for the good.

When it feels as if it is impossible to grow any further, it's perhaps the surest indicator that there is still room left to grow. 

There is always more to learn, and more to write.

I'm happy to work for a company full of people who are okay with me having the occasional headache.