Try: Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

By Katie Torres

I'm not a big fan of graphic t-shirts.

It's not necessarily the t-shirts with pictures or designs that bother me, but the shirts that have catchy, trendy sayings scrolled across the front.

"YOLO" is not exactly the phrase I want to wear around everyday (or at all...sorry, fellow Millennials. I'm with Gen X on this one). 

But I was shopping the other day and I found a shirt with a small graphic on the upper front corner.

"Never try, never know."

I actually believe that, and I'm pretty passionate when I talk to people about the obstacles they're facing.

I want people to know that trying is worth it; to understand that we all have this immense capability to learn, and then use what we learn to overcome whatever it is we're facing.

I was interviewing one of our founders yesterday, Scott Reyes, for an upcoming project we're working on (keep your eyes peeled - it will be a good one).

Without revealing too much, I wanted to share something he said about facing the fears that keep us from trying.

In one of his responses, he said, "I believe we are infinitely more capable than we think and that by embracing fear and operating in spite of fear, our possibilities open up."

Without this kind of mindset, Envoy would not be where it's at today.

Envoy started out as an idea, just as any other business starts out.

There were obstacles to overcome, and there was much to be learned. After all, one does not simply open a booming business over night.

And despite these obstacles and the new territory that comes along with starting a business, the vision to help people and keep trying has never been lost.

Now, Envoy has become more than a good idea - it has become a reality.

So yeah, I bought the shirt. 

The saying is true: "Never try, never know." 

I'd hate to never know what Envoy would have been, had no one taken the risk to try.