3 Trends That Are Changing the Way Facilities Maintenance Operates

By Katie Torres

When I speak with businesses, I am always mindful of the fact that a large number of them will not feel that there is any need for a facilities maintenance company.

It is true; there are plenty of businesses that have survived for 20+ years without the use of a facilities maintenance company.

I don't personally know any of these business owners and I don't have the specifics about how these businesses do. 

But what I do have is the knowledge to speak on where current trends in facilities maintenance are leading, and how this will affect the need for facilities managers to change their current practices.

There are three key areas where we see this happening, so let's talk about them for a few minutes:

1. Culture is changing.

Where previous generations prioritized consistency in product and service, this generation heavily values experience.

I'm currently sitting in my favorite local coffee shop, where I come at least a few times a week to have coffee and work.

They have fantastic coffee, although it's not how I'd prepare it for myself. But I come here and drink their coffee because I absolutely love the environment they have provided.

I love the music, the people, and the design of their shop. All of these things contribute to the experience I have while I'm working.

I am not alone; millennials, at large, are looking for a memorable experience in the service they receive.

This means that businesses who used to prioritize consistency and the product 20+ years ago, now have to take into account the need for customer experience which includes a vast array of details. 

It helps to have assistance with these details. Very simply, if you have one guy trying to manage every detail of your FM program, customer experience will be lacking (and your FM guy will likely feel overwhelmed as well).

2. Technology is changing.

This change is occurring rapidly, and it's occurring often. 

When I think about the fact that the internet only became available to the world two short years before I was born (I'm 24), I am blown away at how far it has evolved over the course of my young life.

Internet is not the only form of technology that is changing.

Equipment in restaurants and other businesses is not excluded from the change that is inevitable with constantly-evolving technology. Here's a link that goes into further detail about these changes.

So what used to work 20 years ago for FM managers likely does not work now when it comes to fixing and making decisions about this equipment.

Good FM companies offer the data needed to make great decisions about what happens with equipment, and the information on what to do when it goes down.

3. Roles are expanding.

This goes hand-in-hand with the high demand for customer experience and changes in technology.

With all of these changes comes the need for FM managers to switch between a growing number of roles and responsibilities.

Simply thinking on what goes into managing technology and all that goes into creating a great customer experience is enough to overwhelm even the most adapt FM manager. 

When you add components like Human Resources, Construction, and Project Management to the mix (and this is only to name a few), it is completely clear to see the necessity for having a FM company that can help manage these responsibilities. 

It doesn't take very long to see how an FM company can help fulfill the needs of companies. Envoy loves to share information that can help you decide the best path to take when you are considering your own FM program. Take a look at our site for more information and let us know how we can help.