The Power of a Good Working Environment


By Katie Torres

Autumn is coming.

Along with Fall comes Friday night football games, hot coffee, and all things pumpkin spice.

We all love those things, and maybe some of us even love the fact that a new school year is coming around (especially the little ones who are starting out their first ever school year).

But for a good many of us, school is not exactly what we would describe as "fun" or "exciting".

To those of us in that camp, school means work.

To us, school means studying what someone else is telling us to study, because we have to.

"Man, can't we just hang out with our friends and live life while we're young?"

I'm well passed the age of high school, and I'm beyond college too, but I sure do remember feeling this way.

But here are a few other things I remember:

The smell of new textbooks, and old library books.

The feeling of accomplishment after turning in hard-worked-on projects.

The days when I sat in coffee shops or even my own cozy bedroom, sipping on coffee and focusing hard on my studies.

And that last one is probably the most important one - it's what ended up getting me through high school and it's what helped me enjoy it just a bit more.

Whether you are going back to school for a new year or going back to work for the thousandth time, this is something that will help you.

Make your environment a place where you want to learn.

If that means cleaning your space so you have a clear area to think and focus, then take the time to clean.

Even if you are cleaning for an hour just to study for 20 minutes, it will help you in that 20 minutes to stay focused and productive.

If having a good work environment means getting ready to go work at a local coffee shop, then go do it. 

There is nothing like the comfort of a hot coffee or tea to help you get through the day.

And man, never underestimate the power of a new pen. 

You just have to try it to know. But trust me, you won't ever want to stop writing, no matter how "boring" you might think the content is.

Bottom line, create an environment that helps you enjoy your work.

We put in a lot of effort to make sure our office is that kind of space. You should come check it out sometime. You might find that it's a great place for you to come work, and enjoy it too.