Why Did We Spend Money on a ServiceChannel Integration?

by Scott Reyes

Show me technology that will make me more efficient and effective, and I’m probably buying it. I love technology. I love to have the best of what there is to offer. I love to try the new stuff before everyone else.

It’s no wonder that tech is at the center of everything we do at Envoy. In fact, we spent 9 months building out our company operating system, FM Dashboard, before we ever took our first work order. And…we invest a major amount of our profits back into tech, making sure that our team doesn’t run into bottlenecks that software and technology can solve.

FM Dashboard Screenshot

So why spend the money?

It’s because we believe in people so much. We believe that when you free people to do what people do best, it opens doors to do exceptional work. So while most companies out there are leveraging technology to replace people, we are doing the opposite. We are leveraging technology to free people to create relationships, solve problems, and serve others.

That’s why, when we had the opportunity to integrate our work order operating software with ServiceChannel, we jumped at the opportunity to invest. Was it expensive? Oh yeah, and also completely worth it for a three reasons:

First…our customers depend on us to solve their biggest problem. They need exceptional, proactive communication. Our integration with ServiceChannel means our software speaks directly with the software our customers trust to keep track of repair history. What we update in our software, mirrors what updates in ServiceChannel…notes, ETA updates, IVR check-ins, etc.

Second…our team can do more work with less effort. Before the ServiceChannel integration, every update we put in our own work order operating system had to be duplicated into ServiceChannel. It added at least a dozen extra steps to our workflow each time we touched a work order. Now, we have one place to work, and our customers get all of the information and data they need.

Finally…we believe in taking risks and being different. We love the story it tells; that we are 100% on board with how our customers choose to work. We are in it for the long term, and we align our words with our actions. The majority of our industry tries to reject what they feel are the additional and unnecessary steps that CMMS systems require. Team Envoy sees the opportunity it opens up, to serve our customers at a deeper level. Why wouldn't a company jump at that opportunity?

There is a human being on the other side of every repair we manage. We embrace technology and leverage it to put more effort and intentionality into every work order we take care of. At the end of the day, we are not fixing things, we are helping people.