How to Manage Time When You Don't Have Enough of It


By Katie Torres

Finally settling down to rest after a long week of work is what most of us look forward to from the time Monday hits.

But it also brings a lot of stress if we get to Friday and realize we haven't gotten everything done that needed to be done.

How does this happen? Where does our time go?

We spend our entire week busy. No slacking off - it's all work. But somehow, we just still don't make our goals.

This is where it pays to prioritize.

The message is nothing new. We hear often that we're suppose to prioritize our time, make schedules, stick to the plan, etc.

But how many of us practice it regularly?

The truth is, life just happens sometimes. So we need to talk about how to get around that.

Of course, making a schedule is a valuable part of the planning process. Let's talk about how to do this effectively to get the most out of it.

1. Prioritize your tasks.

Write down all the things you need to do in a week, and list them from the most important to the least. 

It's okay if it looks like there's too much to accomplish in one week - this is why we're making a schedule. Don't get overwhelmed. Just write them down, and label what priority they are.

2. Block out your time in a schedule.

I like to do this by giving myself a page for each day. It helps me to clearly see what I've written out. And when each day comes, I can just flip to that page and only focus on what's there. I don't get distracted by the rest of my calendar.

When you block out your time, you might run into a problem where there is a task you can't complete within the week by only giving it an hour or two per day. Do what you can to prioritize your other tasks, so you can allot more time for that particular goal.

3. Put your schedule into practice.

It sounds so simple, and it really is. Just one piece of advice when it comes to doing what's on your list: 

As mentioned before, life happens. Unexpected events will inevitably come up. Give yourself some grace for that. 

If you cannot stick to the hours you've laid out 100%, it is okay. The point of blocking out time is not so that you have to be completely spot on in everything you do. It is so you can make your goals a priority with your time.

As long as you are prioritizing well and following through as closely as possible, you will begin to see more success in achieving your goals.

Try it out this week. And if you have any planning strategies you use that work for you, share them with us! We'd love to hear them.