How Your Perspective Changes Your Learning Experience


By Katie Torres

I vividly remember the day I learned that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States.

The excitement I felt to tell my mom that little fact was overwhelming. I literally could not wait to tell her what I learned.

And then, some years later, there was a shift in my attitude toward learning.

Learning became a burden.

It became six hours a day in a hard desk chair, my only "escape" being recess in elementary, and eventually just lunch in high school.

It became hours of forced homework and the punishment of a bad grade if I didn't do it.

It became failed tests because I felt too overwhelmed to even try to study.

Learning no longer excited me. If I'm being real honest, it just made me angry.

The curious mind that once longed for exploration was gone. 

Somewhere along the lines, it just changed. And learning was no longer something I desired; it was something I resented.

I wish I had the wisdom back then that I have now.

I wish I had realized that learning is not a burden, or a task to check off the list.

Learning is the way we live life. 

My attitude may have changed along the way, but the truth about learning had not. I just had a flawed perspective.

Learning opens doors. It shows us what we need to know to be successful, and it fills us with experiences.

There is no way you can book a ticket overseas if you don't ever learn how to manage finances.

You can't write a novel if you never learn how to write.

You can never even hold conversation if you don't learn how to speak as a toddler. 

Learning is so vital. Don't ever be deceived into thinking it's a burden.

Whether you have another training this week for work, or you have hours of homework piled up for that college course, remember that every bit of it will help you.

And if you have the proper perspective, it can even be exciting.

What have you learned that has made your life richer? Share it with us in the comments, and hold onto the excitement of learning.