How Change Can Help Your Company Grow


By Katie Torres

A few days ago, we were discussing the topic of change.

I made the comment that I don't (personally) enjoy change. It makes me panic. It's often difficult to navigate, and getting used to it takes time.

But even though there are many areas in life where consistency and routine are great, there are also many areas where change is necessary, and should be welcomed.

Our business - and yours - are among the places that desperately need change.

This is not to say that our companies are bad or lacking. But if we stay where we're at, our growth will become stagnant. 

Growth is not possible unless we are moving forward.

So if we must move forward, the question is, "how?"

There are certain aspects of business that never stop evolving. Special attention should be payed to these areas.

For instance, technology is always changing.

This is true of all technology, not just technology within our companies. So it pays to keep up with current trends. 

Make the investments necessary to keep up with the pace of technology in your trade, or else risk losing out to the companies who are advancing in their own use of technology.

Your customer's needs may also be changing.

As the world around us changes, we need to adapt to maintain success.

Your customers are adapting, even if you are not. So, if you have not made the necessary changes to stay relevant to the needs of your customers, your customers will move on to someone who has.

This is also another reason why staying up-to-date on technology is so important; because of the evolution of technology, your customers may now have different needs due to those changes.

For instance, a company looking for a website that stands out among other modern websites will need a graphic designer who is up-to-date on the current trends. They don't want a designer who is still creating layouts that look like they belong in a website from ten years ago.

One other aspect that always changes is the growth process itself.

As mentioned before, it is impossible to grow as a company without implementing change.

If you have the opportunity to equip your employees with new skills and avenues to create, why wouldn't you do that?

Sure, the direction may change a bit. But it could be completely beneficial to the quality of your business. 

Bottom line: If you don't embrace change, you stop growing as a company. If you choose to embrace change and make some mistakes along the way, at least you're learning what not to do. Even learning what doesn't work is a part of growing.

So, meet with your team this week and talk about it. Are there areas where you could be embracing change to grow as a company?

If you have stories of how embracing change has helped your company, we'd love to hear about them. Feel free to share in the comments, or better yet, tell someone else so they can benefit, too.